Ariket program

The Ariket program is back, 3-strip-range!

Our program includes five different products: European oak, Can. maple, Am. walnut, afzelia/pachaloba and iroko/kambala. The European oak is available in the grades: natur and rustic. All our Ariket products are UV lacquered.


The thickness of the board is 15 mm. The construction of Ariket is: ca. 3,8 mm top layer, 9 mm middle pine layer and 2 mm bottom layer.

The width is 210 mm and the length of the 3-layer is 2.200 mm.

Tongue and groove system

Ariket is now available with tongue and groove system.

Would you like to receive more information about our Ariket program, such as specific products and/or prices? Please fill in our contact form or contact us by phone: 0318 437 111.

Ariket Programma

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