Our Cinzento Custom Made® program

With our Cinzento Custom Made® program we can customize floors according to your wishes. You choose an untreated product, the desired treatments and a colour. We will then make the desired floor on the basis of your choices. Of course it is possible to get an example first, so that you have a realistic impression of the result.

New colors

We have the new colors ready for Cinzento Custom Made. We have three new Cinzento Trend colors. The first one is an upgrade from the untreated “Wood look”. This color is also available in smoked Wood look. The third color is a grey brown fashion color. The new colours can be applied to any cinzento product.

See the video for the new colors!

Deeply brushed

We have three different options. The first possibility is an optically brushed floor. You can hardly feel it, but it is visible. The second possibility is a normal brushed floor. This makes the wood grain visible. The third possibility is extra deep brushed, this is rough and authentic.

See the video for the deeply brushed floors!

Color display

With our Cinzento Custom Made program you have the possibility to show your customers a table display with the 20 colors. With these colors you can easily sell and present your floor. Each color in the display has two surfaces namely: brushed and sanded.

Would you like more information about our Cinzento Custom Made® program, such as specific products and/or prices? Please request this via our contact form.

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