Underfloor heating

A wooden floor and underfloor heating is a good combination! We have already produced many floors for underfloor heating systems. What makes this combination so attractive to private individual is that the heating efficiency is higher than other types of flooring.

Underfloor heating

Floor cooling

Many new buildings are now provided with underfloor heating in combination with floor cooling. This combination is also suitable for a wooden floor. Floor cooling has the opposite effect of underfloor heating.

Floor cooling

Nevertheless, there are some aspects that do need to be taken into consideration, regarding floor heating and floor cooling. Such as the type of heating system and the type of parquet. Below we will explain this to you!

Types of Parquet:

T&G Wood produces mainly oak floors. Oak is suitable for underfloor heating. Not all wood types are necessarily suitable for underfloor heating. For example, think of the wood species: Beech and Jatoba.

Whereas in the past mainly solid floors were chosen with a higher thermal resistance, nowadays it is mainly an oak two-layer product that has a lower thermal resistance that is chosen. This, in combination with direct gluing, makes a wooden floor suitable for laying over underfloor heating.

Types of Parquet:

Types of floor heating:

There are different types of floor heating systems: wet floor heating, dry floor system with water pipes, milled in with water pipes, electric floor heating or infrared floor heating. Below you will find which underfloor heating systems are or are not suitable for a wooden floor. 

The following floor heating systems are suitable for wooden floors.

Wet floor heating:

In this system, the pipes lie on the concrete and are covered with cement. The pipes are then 3 cm below the floor surface. The underside of the supporting floor is insulated.

Dry construction system with water pipes

Here, insulation boards are applied to the building floor. The pipes are integrated into these. Then these pipes are covered with a finishing floor.

Milled with water pipes

In this floor heating system, slots are milled into the cement, where the water pipes are installed. Then the grooves are sealed with e.g. egaline.

Vloerverwarming parket

These types of floor heating systems are less suitable for wooden floors.

Electric floor heating

This electric heating system is usually applied as a dry construction system. The downside of electric underfloor heating is that temperature differences can occur. This makes it less suitable in combination with wooden floors.

Infrared floor heating

This underfloor heating system heats the floor by means of radiation. This method of heating is environmentally friendly, safe and quiet and is only used with floating floors.


The efficiency of underfloor heating with a wood floor depends on a lot of factors. These include the type of wood, the thickness of the wood floor, insulation and, of course, the underfloor heating system. The thermal resistance of the floor itself should not exceed 0.14 m2K/W for good efficiency. 

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