‘Custom Made’ according to the wishes of the end-user 

Cinzento Custom Made® is an integral part of T&G Wood. What once started out as a small programme, has become a leading brand for exclusive wooden floors. Fully produced and custom made according to the wishes of the end user.

Are you looking for a custom made colour or editing? We make the unique wooden floor, which meets all your specific needs. Cinzento Custom Made® is custom made from the highest level.

Be inspired by many possibilities by means of www.cinzento.nl 

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We have the possibility to treat our untreated products as desired. See below an overview of the various processing options:












For your benefit

Cleanliness, quality and service are of paramount importance to our Cinzento Custom Made® brand. This is reflected in the whole concept. In addition to our own recognisable product packaging, we also have a range of customised maintenance products and various communication tools such as displays, stickers, folders, certificates and a website.

One of the advantages for you as a customer is that you can make use of all this, so that you can offer your customers a total concept. This is not just selling a wooden floor, like many others, but selling the experience and exclusive product your customer is looking for.


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