14/3 mm: Dual 1-strip

Product details

  • Woodspec: European oak
  • Dimensions: 
    • 14/3 x 190 mm x 1.900 mm
    • 14/3 x 220 mm x 2.200 mm
  • Grading: Select, 1-Bis (Nature), Rustic A, Rustic A/B, Rustic Extra
  • Construction: Approximately 4 mm oak top layer on 11 mm birch plywood underlay or mix of Poplar and Eucalyptus underlay.
  • Fabricated: With or without bevel possible & 4 side tongue and groove.



Our black filled Dual 1-strip

Choose our 14/3 mm: Dual Plank product for a combination of style, durability and versatility. With a European Oak wood species and a rustic A/B grading, these floors offer timeless charm that enriches any room. The construction with an oak top layer on a plywood underlay ensures stability and makes them suitable for underfloor heating. Moreover, they are black-filled and pre-sanded untreated, ready to be finished with our Cinzento Custom Made® treatments.

For optimal maintenance and long-lasting beauty of the floor, we recommend using our specifically developed Cinzento Custom Made® maintenance products.

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