As a parquet specialist, you are aware that wood is a healthy and durable material that can provide a healthy living environment. Unfortunately, this is new information for a lot of people, while wood in the home contributes to better health. This is why T&G Wood introduces… Healthy Home.

With this Healthy Home campaign, we want to change this. By putting the best properties of wooden floors in the spotlight, we hope to encourage consumers to make the right choice and choose a wooden floor.

“Healthy Home starts with a wooden floor.”



Wood creates a healthy living environment

We spend 80 to 90% of our lives in enclosed spaces, breathing in all kinds of substances. These substances include harmful substances. It is important for our health to minimize our intake of these, something a wooden floor can help with. Wooden floors have a hard surface that does not allow (harmful) substances to settle. Substances on the surface can be removed easily this way.

Air purifier and/or humidifier

So, a wooden floor already ensures a healthier living environment. To ensure that the remaining substances are removed, we recommend the purchase of an air purifier and/or humidifier. An air purifier cleans the air by trapping dust, allergens and viruses. In addition, proper humidity also ensures good health and preservation of the wooden floor.

“A wooden floor is the natural way to improve indoor air quality.”

Wood is durable by nature

A wooden floor is a durable product because it has a long lifespan. In fact, a wooden floor can last for decades. Resanding and retreating a wooden floor will make it look new again.

In addition, wood can be completely recycled. There is a cycle in which the wood from a wooden floor can be used over and over again for all kinds of purposes.

“Wooden floor is a sustainable investment for any home.”

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship is now more important than ever. Therefore Cinzento Custom Made® also produces its exclusive wooden floors sustainably. For instance, the roof of our premises is packed with solar panels. This makes us self-sufficient in electricity and allows us to produce in a CO2-neutral way which largely impacts our carbon footprint. These solar panels also provide electric cars with a full battery on a regular basis.

We oil our wooden floors with VOC-free oil (Volatile Organic Compounds) and we use water-based varnish. As a result, wooden floors emit fewer harmful substances. This is important to ensure a healthy living environment.

100% Pure Wood

Wood is a raw material that has been an important part of our existence for a long time. We use it to build, communicate, travel, as fuel, for decoration and for many other purposes.

A wooden floor marked with 100% Pure Wood has only been produced with high-quality wood. In addition, we can guarantee that these floors do not come from mass production but have been carefully treated and checked at various points in the process.

100% Pure Wood was previously a separate label, now it forms an important part of Healthy Home. This is because real wood should be chosen to enjoy all the benefits.



A large proportion of our Wooden floors is FSC®-certified, which means that this wood comes from responsibly managed forests. Through responsible forest management, the FSC® aims to preserve forests in habitat and they utilize local sources such as labour. So a FSC® forest remains a forest and is not cut down for other purposes like the establishment of palm oil, soy plantations and mining.

By using FSC®-certified products, you contribute to the global protection of forests and a healthy living environment for people and animals. Therefore wood as a resource is a sustainable solution.

How do we promote Healthy home?

In the next few months, we will be promoting the Healthy Home campaign on all Cinzento channels: such as our website, social media and printed magazines.

We would also like to promote the Healthy Home campaign in your showroom to further convince consumers. We can help you with this by providing you with new promotional materials, such as Healthy Home brochures and stickers. Most Cinzento packaging also features a Healthy Home logo.

Are you interested in Healthy Home promotional materials? Then contact us via this contact form or by phone at +31 318 437 111.

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