Custom Made according to the wishes of the end-user

Cinzento Custom Made® is an integral part of T&G Wood. What once started as a small program, has become a leading brand for exclusive wooden floors. Fully produced and custom made according to the wishes of the end user. Is the customer looking for a custom made color or design? We make the unique wooden floor, which meets all their specific needs. Cinzento Custom Made® is completely custom made.

Cinzento Custom Made® works with an extensive treatment programme, allowing the customer to choose which treatment they would like to give to their wooden floor. Theres choice of ten different treatments, which can also be combined. We can do the following treatments:

  • Oiling
  • Varnishing
  • Smoking
  • Ageing
  • Brushing
  • Sanding
  • Handscraping

Want to see our projects? Get inspired on our CINZENTO WEBSITE.

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Your advantage

Cleanliness, quality and service are of paramount importance to our Cinzento Custom Made® brand. This is reflected in the whole concept. In addition to our own recognisable product packaging, we also have a range of customised maintenance products and various communication tools such as displays, stickers, folders, certificates and a website. One of the advantages for you as a customer is that you can make use of all this, so that you can offer your customers a total concept. This is not just selling a wooden floor, like many others, but selling the experience and exclusive product your customer is looking for.


Social Media

Cinzento Custom Made® is also active online! We can also find our brand on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. On Pinterest, 175.000 viewers see Cinzento’s project photos passing by each month.

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Redesigned website Cinzento Custom Made®

We’ve got a Cinzento website completely focused on the private individual. On the website we provide extensive information on topics such as: the possibilities of a wooden floor in combination with underfloor heating and the maintenance of a wooden floor. Visit our website:

Nieuwe website Cinzento

Presentation material

We also have various communication materials such as displays, stickers, brochures and certificates. Healthy Home can also be found on all these promotional materials. Want to know more about Healthy Home? Click here.

We think it is very important to keep improving the way we present our products. Therefore, we have designed a new Cinzento presentation display. This display can be bought ready to install.


Custom Made packaging

In order to add even more value to the Cinzento Custom Made® brand, we have also developed our own Custom Made packaging. In addition to making a contribution to the branding, this fully protects the wood.

Maintenance package

We have also developed a customized maintenance package for individuals. In this maintenance package, the consumer will find the Cinzento Refresh ECO, for the refreshment and repair of all oil protected surfaces. Cinzento Soap, this is a maintenance soap for regular cleaning. Also included is 100 ml of oil in the matching color of the floor, to apply the oil, a hand pad and holder are also included. More information about the maintenance of the wooden floor can be found in the enclosed maintenance advice flyer.


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