Dual Parquet sawn marked 

This herringbone floor is produced entirely to the wishes of the consumer with our Cinzento Custom Made program. With the Cinzento program, the consumer has endless options to choose from. These residents have chosen a Rustic A/B grading. The treatments on the floor are: smoked, oiled and finely sawn. In the sawn marked version the marks are clearly visible in the wood. 

The floor

In this renovated farm, we were able to supply a beautiful rustic herringbone floor. They chose a 15/4 Dual Parquet with the dimension 140 x 700 mm. This product is available in multiple sizes such as 120 x 600 mm and 180 x 900 mm. This product can also be placed in a Chevron. This product is FSC®-certified and can be treated with our CINZENTO CUSTOM MADE® PROGRAM. 

Dual Parquet sawn marked 

Dual Parquet Fijnbezaagd

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