PLANCA by VanJoost


These floors are the result of a collaboration with designer Joost van Veldhuizen. PLANCA by VanJoost is unique in terms of structure. The product has an oak top layer of 5 mm, a 10 mm oak middle layer and an oak bottom layer of 5 mm. This results in unique stability and makes it suitable for underfloor heating.

The floor


This 3-layer solid oak floor from our PLANCA by VanJoost collection was supplied for a villa in South Africa. The floor has been delivered untreated and is brown oiled at job site. The large size (300 mm width) of this collection is well suited for the large open spaces of this house and gives it a natural look.

PLANCA by VanJoost 3 layers solid oak

PLANCA by VanJoost 3 layers solid oak 2

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