Planks Optical Brushed

A Cinzento Custom Made® floor has been installed on the first floor. This floor has been treated completely according to the customer wishes. The customer chose a 15/4 mm dual plank which means that the floor has a high transmission coefficient, a top layer of 4 mm and a total thickness of 15 mm, the 15/4 mm is ideal for underfloor heating.  

The floor

In this house you will find a Dual Parquet Oak floor with the grading: rustic A/B. The planks have a width of 180 mm and are available in lengths from 1,000 mm up to 2400 mm. For more information about this product, please visit the product page. Furthermore, the floor is optical brushed, smoked and white oiled. 

Planks Optical Brushed

Planks Optical Brushed 1

Planks Optical Brushed 2

Planks Optical Brushed 3

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