Versailles Pattern floor


This 15 mm floor is placed in the pattern Versailles and therefore has a chique look. This product is available in different widths, thicknesses and grades, such as a 4 mm top layer on an 11 mm birch under layer, a 6 mm top layer on a 14 mm birch under layer or a 20 mm solid pattern. The floor is also available in different types of PATTERNS, such as Renaissance, Castle and Chantilly.



The floor


A Dutch catering chain has chosen a Cinzento Custom Made floor. The customer has chosen a strong oil, which makes this floor resistant to intensive use and easy to maintain. The chosen floor has an oak rustic A/B grading and is distressed and has no bevel. This pattern floor makes the design of the catering chain complete.

We were also able to deliver the covering of the ceiling. This ceiling is made of a rustic oak 18 cm wide plank and provides a beautiful finished result

Versailles P

Patroonvloer Versailles

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