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4 mm oak top layer on an 11 mm birch plywood or mix of poplar and Eucalyptus base layer.

15 x 180 x 1.000 – 2.400 mm
15 x 220 x 1.000 – 2.400 mm
15 x 220 x 2.200 mm (Vintage-look)
15 x 240 x 1.000 – 2.400 mm



Our most chosen product

With a high transmission coefficient, a top layer of 4 mm and a total thickness of 15 mm, the 15/4 mm is extremely suitable for underfloor heating. This two-layer product is available in European oak.

The Dual Parquet® 15/4 mm is available in different widths and sortings. Our available sortings are: Select, 1-Bis (Nature), Rustic A, Rustic A/B and Rustic Extra (Our Vintage look with extra large knots and cracks).

Our 15/4 mm products are FSC-certified and can be handled as desired with our Cinzento Custom Made® program.



A true eye-catcher in our range is the ‘vintage look’ 15 mm 1-strip. These rustic planks show significant unevenness as if they have been exposed to rough conditions for many years. Think of cracks and traces of use.

Black filler is used for deep cracks and the product is available in both untreated and Cinzento Custom Made® finished.

15/4 mm – Vintage

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