Cinzento Custom Made® maintenance package

The floors of T&G Wood are of high quality and we would like to keep them that way. That is why we have developed a special maintenance package, fully tailored to our products. Cinzento Custom Made® maintenance products are a guarantee for optimum maintenance and long service life.


Maintenance products

In addition to our floors, we also have customised maintenance products. Our products are easy to apply and ensure proper maintenance of your floor.

Our advice

We recommend to dry-clean your wooden floor regularly (vacuuming, Swiffer etc.) and to damp-clean at most once every 2 weeks. For wet wiping, we recommend using Cinzento Custom Made® soap no more than once every 4 mopping cycles. Daily cleaning with water and soap is not recommended.

To clean the floor, use a maximum of 50ml of Cinzento Soap to 10 litres of water (note: this is a full bucket). If too much soap is used, a soft layer will form on the floor which will absorb even more dirt. So do not use more than the prescribed dose/frequency.

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