Brushed oak floor


With the CINZENTO CUSTOM MADE® program, the possibilities are endless. The customers chose to have this wooden floor brushed. This brushed oak floor emphasizes the natural character of the wood. In addition, the floor has also been treated with an oil, in the colour Sky Grey, so that the floor is easy to MAINTAIN. This also protects the wooden floor well against moisture. 

The floor and steps 


This oak rustic A/B Dual Parquet® floor has a 4 mm top layer and a total thickness of 15 mm. The DUAL PARQUET® 15/4 MM is available in various widths and grades, such as a 1-bis, rustic or rustic extra with large knots and cracks. In addition to the floor, the steps are also covered with Cinzento Custom Made®. This product is FSC® certified and can be treated as desired.

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