3-layer plank floor

One of our dealers installed a lamel plank floor in South Africa. This villa is located next to one of the most beautiful beaches in South Africa in the area Camps Bay. This product is available pre-treated, oiled, brushed-oiled, smoked-oiled or smoked-white oiled. This floor has not been pre-treated but has been oiled after the floor was installed. By oiling the floor it is better resistant to wear.

The floor

The first floor of this villa has a 3-layer design with a natural grading. The thickness of this floor is 15 mm. The floor is made of 3-layers namely; 3 mm top layer, 10 mmm pine middle layer and a 2 mm under-layer. Because it is a 3-layer floor, it is a stable product. In addition, the floor is also suitable for underfloor heating and underfloor cooling.

Lamel planken floor

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