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5 mm oak top layer, 10 mm oak intermediate layer, 5 mm oak base layer.

20 x 200 x 1.000 mm

(Fixed tongue and groove system on the left and the right side.)



Three-layers solid oak herringbone


Herewith we present the three layer solid oak product, especially designed and customized for pattern floors.

Three-layers solid oak herringbone has a unique structure, consisting of a 5 mm oak top layer, 10 mm oak middle layer and a 5 mm oak backing. It is available in a width of 200 mm, has a length of 1.000 mm and has a fixed tongue and groove system, on the left and the right side.

This product comes in seven specially designed colors and is FSC®- certified, which means that the timber comes from responsibly managed forests.

Three-layers solid oak herringbone

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